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Embracing Cannabis Patients – Why We Focus on Medical Outcomes in Everything We Do

The prospect that cannabinoids could help a variety of illnesses and ailments has always intrigued us. Every now and then, you would hear about the possibility of medical cannabis could be the answer to illnesses like epilepsy. Then states started passing laws that made medical marijuana available through hard-fought lobbying.

There’s a reason people put up such a huge fight to getting laws passed, here in Oklahoma and elsewhere. The data doesn’t lie. Medical marijuana can change lives for the better.

The potential of cannabinoids fighting a whole slew of illnesses is inspiring. That’s why we take patients over profits approach to our growing methods. We grow organically, making sure the plants are just the plants and buds, not tainted with any other chemicals, pesticides, or other items.

In the long-term, we are targeting medical cannabis strains with the highest yields of CBD (as well as THC). If you want more information on our strains, check out our growing cultivar here.

Back to what inspires us…some key videos really enforced the notion that we could help. Here is a look at five Ted Talks that formed our opinions and sharpened our focus to become Oklahoma’s leading medical marijuana grower.

Behind the Smokescreen of Medical Cannabis – Dr. Dedi Meiri

Dr. Meiri’s talk inspired us that we could be on the leading edge of genetically targeting the compounds within medical cannabis. As more research is completed, we will be at the forefront of reaching strong concentrations of those compounds to help patients. We have just scratched the surface of this research, so there’s a long way to go.

The Potential Benefits of Medical Marijuana – Dr. Alan Shackelford

Dr. Shackelford is the doctor who originally treated Charlotte Figi, a young patient with Dravet Syndrome. Charlotte’s case has become famous as a flagship case of medical cannabis being the cure when no other treatment works. What’s amazing about this speech, is that you have a Harvard-trained, conservative physician embracing the potential of medical marijuana.

There is Something You Should Know About Epilepsy and Cannabis – Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus

Adding to the story of Charlotte Figi and what cannabis can do for seizures, this Dr. Ziburkus speech is great. As a neuroscientist focused directly on epilepsy, he begins to unravel some of the myths around the connections between epilepsy and cannabis. He also dives into what the future of research in the field looks like.

A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana – Dr. David Casarett

Why epilepsy gets many of the medical cannabis headlines, Dr. Casarett works with patients that have a variety of chronic illnesses. After the introduction to medical cannabis by an elderly patient, the doctor had to give cannabis a sincere consideration as a treatment option.

Making Peace with Cannabis – Professor Zachary Walsh

A psychologist, Professor Walsh’s looks at mental health research with medical cannabis, along with humans’ weird relationship with cannabis over the course of the time. This is a fascinating video if you are interested in how the psychology world views medical cannabis use.

Our Dedicated Approach to Genetics and Organic Growing

With so many anecdotes to back it up, there’s no doubt that cannabinoids are going to be researched more and more to identify the properties that can make positive impacts on medical issues.

That’s why at Rocking Star Farm, we have a two-fold approach to producing the finest medical cannabis. In the short-term, we grow organically and under such tight tolerances that our harvests typically have some of the highest testing CBD and THC concentrations in Oklahoma. Long-term, we hope to pair with scientists and researchers to help grow the cannabis strains that possess the needed cannabinoids for targeting specific illness and ailments.

Always look for the Rocking Star Farm brand at your local dispensary!