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Go green! The future of hemp in Oklahoma

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? What is hemp? Is hemp the same as marijuana? Can you grow hemp in Oklahoma? Like marijuana, hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa. The two plants themselves are almost identical, but they differ in how (and why) they were bred—a bit like how some chickens are bred to lay eggs while others are bred for meat. Over thousands of years, humans have bred hemp primarily to…

Embracing Cannabis Patients – Why We Focus on Medical Outcomes in Everything We Do

The prospect that cannabinoids could help a variety of illnesses and ailments has always intrigued us. Every now and then, you would hear about the possibility of medical cannabis could be the answer to illnesses like epilepsy. Then states started passing laws that made medical marijuana available through hard-fought lobbying. There’s a reason people put up such a huge fight to getting laws passed, here in Oklahoma and elsewhere. The data doesn’t lie. Medical marijuana…

June 26 – Celebrating a Year of State Question 788

June 26, 2018, was a game-changer for Oklahomans. The population went to their voting locations and shocked the nation by legalizing medical marijuana. The very next day, The Higher Care Clinic became the first medical marijuana clinic to open for business in Tulsa. This started a rapid growth of Oklahoman’s turning to cannabis for medical relief from ailments. Over the first year, more than 145,000 patients registered for their medical marijuana card in the state….