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Why Rocking Star Farm’s Cannabis Makes Great CBD Concentrates

When we set out to create and harvest the highest yielding THC and CBD medical cannabis, we knew we could make a huge impact to those suffering. One of the favorite methods for serious medical treatment is CBD concentrates.

Naturally, Rocking Star Farm’s Cherry Street Flower are ideal candidates for concentrates, oils, edibles, and more.

We want you to know there’s a ton of options out there for getting your CBD and/or THC treatments. It all starts with knowing the different concentration types.

CBD Hash

Hash is the simplest of all the concentrate types. Made by rubbing CBD crystals off of the buds, this creates kief. Kief is just the trichome dust that houses the molecules containing the THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Nothing has been done to make hash pure, so because there will be other items in the hash, it won’t be the strongest concentrate.

Hash is great because it can be smoked or eaten. If you are consuming orally, it should be heated to 230 to 240 degrees Celsius for an hour to convert any CBDA to CBD (decarboxylation).


Oil is probably the most sought after concentrate on our list. Oil is created by boiling ground hemp plants in oil and then straining out the residual plant matter. You can do this at home, but there’s plenty of reputable professional brands doing this with exceptional equipment. Those professionals have the experience to make the oils better and faster, but it’s still fun to know it can be done at home.

Where the professionals can really excel is by adding carbon dioxide extraction to the process. That really adds to the amplitude of the oil concentrate.

CBD for Dabbing (Wax, Budder, Shatter)

Not everyone is up for oral ingestion. Dabbing represents a fast track to medical relief. Dabbing is the act of superheating a substance and inhaling the resulting vapor. You get huge amounts of CBD into the lungs without the smoke and tar. Wax, Budder, and Shatter are some of the more popular types of preparation methods created from BHO or carbon dioxide extraction.

CBD Isolate

Isolate is the purest of the pure. Isolate is usually in white crystal form, representing complete CBD. This is created by extracting carbon dioxide in the most professional and precise form. While users get uber high levels of CBD, you lose some of the natural chemicals you get with oil and hash.

So, why target CBD for oils and concentrates?

There’s a reason concentrates are popular for medical relief. Concentrates get straight to the heart of the matter, and provide benefits to the user past more main stream cannabis consumption options.

It’s Potent

Concentrates offer you exactly what you want from the hemp. You are getting the helpful CBD and/or THC, with some concentrates on the market even reaching 99% CBD. With such high potency, you’re able to get those important cannabinoids in fast-acting, fast-relief form.

It’s Easy

Oils and concentrates are easy. You can place drops under your tongue, you can ingest by adding oil to food, you can smoke, you can vape, and use other methods. A note though – baking CBD oil into an edible reduces the absorption of the cannabinoids.

It’s Easier on You

Concentrates provide the relief without testing out the lungs. If you aren’t into the smoking culture, oils and concentrates provide the same (or better) benefits without the smoke. Plus, knowing you’re just a few oil drops away from relief can bring peace of mind to the situation. A vial is much easier to carry than smoking gear.

You Can Get Lab Reports

THC in a concentrate can tip off drug tests and create an uneasy situation at work or school. Using reputable sources that provide lab reports can bring security and peace of mind to your concentrate use. If this is a concern, always seek lab report-supported brands.

We hope that Rocking Star Farm and our emerging cultivar can be the plants and flowers you need to overcome and progress in your medical fight. Every day, we push to create the purest and best CBD and THC yields so that Oklahomans can have the best concentrates and CBD products available.

Always look for the Rocking Star Farm brand at your local dispensary!